There was something good this month. We recall the February projects that combine everything: change, harmony and tranquility.

Living room area. All furniture, except chairs of the Muuto brand, is designed by the authors of the interior. Felt carpet designed by Andrey Budko. Behind the white panels there are storage systems and radiators – they are issued by a perforation in the lower part. A convector is built into the threshold in front of the balcony.Photo: Dmitry Tsyrenshchikov

Топ-5 статей февраля: самые популярные материалы месяца

Apartment of DA bureau architects Boris and Anna Lvovsky, 38 M2 In their St. Petersburg apartment Boris and Anna Lvovsky from DA bureau tested all the ideas that they offer to customers.Read

But in order to hang a large block of cabinets with a built-in refrigerator or, for example, to place a bedroom above a block with a bathroom, first it was necessary to disassemble the ruins: broken windows, a leaking roof and collapsed plaster and shingles from the ceiling.

Топ-5 статей февраля: самые популярные материалы месяца

How to choose a cabinet under the sink: 24 examples from designers, a cabinet under the sink is almost the main element of the bathroom. Most often, it is the only storage system in the room, so its choice should be approached especially carefully. We tell you what to consider and what to pay attention to. Read

Топ-5 статей февраля: самые популярные материалы месяца

Interior from the cover: the apartment of the decorator Elena Weinstein Elena Weinstein’s apartment in Zamoskvorechye has hardly changed in a decade, but has grown to the second floor.Read

Together with the additional space – the attic – the apartment received a new logic. 

Топ-5 статей февраля: самые популярные материалы месяца

Moscow apartment with an interior according to the principles of Feng Shui, 110 m2, it’s hard to guess, but the bright modern interior designed by Olga Solnyshkova is made according to ancient Taoist canons.Read

At the same time, being a follower of Eastern philosophy, the landlady of the apartment turned out to be in love with France. Therefore, the designer combined both ideas and established the “circulation of energies” with the help of rounded interior items and colors.

Топ-5 статей февраля: самые популярные материалы месяца

Brutal interiors: 7 apartments in gray tones Taste preferences do not depend on gender — interiors in gray tones are loved by couples, young people, and families with children. We show seven brutal apartments, and you try to guess who lives in them.Read

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